Morcio Sierra

Product Designer

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Product Designer

2023 - Present

Foro, Contract

Charlotte, NC (Remote)

Currently, I'm working for a company that truly cares about making a difference in the lending industry. Our mission is to provide a more accessible and equitable lending process for businesses, especially those in underrepresented communities. In my role, I have been responsible for designing and improving the user experience of our platform. I work closely with the Product team to ensure that our platform is intuitive, easy to use, and provides a streamlined, cost-efficient, and transparent way to build equitable relationships.

One of the key challenges I have faced is designing a platform that meets the personalized needs of both businesses and financial institutions. Our proprietary algorithm analyzes specific data variables to determine the highest probability of a successful match between businesses and multiple financial institutions.My job is to ensure that the user interface of our platform enables businesses to quickly find, evaluate, and select the best financial institution partner to meet their needs.

Product Designer

2022 - 2023

Subvrsive, Contract

Austin, TX

As a Product Designer for the CRUX team, my role involved a wide range of responsibilities and contributions. I actively participated in Figma Dojos, which are training sessions focused on honing our team's design skills using Figma. Additionally, I was also involved in the development and maintenance of the team's design systems, which helped to ensure consistency and efficiency in our design work.

Furthermore, I played a key role in user discovery, working to gather insights and feedback from users to inform and improve our designs. This included conducting user research, usability testing, and other forms of user engagement.

In terms of clients, I had the opportunity to work with several well-known companies, including Knauf, Sprite, Coke, and Fanta. I was responsible for designing and developing digital products for these clients, including websites, mobile experiences, and other digital assets.

Product Designer

2022 - 2023

Front Finance, Freelance

Silicon Valley, SFO

My role involved all phases of the design process, from conducting user research to prototyping, visual design, and usability testing. My focus was on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for the company's comparison tool and the main landing page.

My job was to ensure that the tool was easy to navigate, with clear and concise information, so users could quickly compare various investment options. I worked closely with cross-functional teams, including the development team, to ensure that the tool was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Another exciting project I worked on was designing the main landing page for Front's website. The landing page needed to be visually appealing and communicate the company's value proposition clearly. I collaborated closely with the head of user experience, Anastasiia Shaposhnyk, and other team members to create a design that reflected the company's innovative approach to finance. My focus was on creating a clean and modern interface that would capture users' attention and encourage them to explore the product further.

Senior Product Designer

2022 - 2022

Habi and TuHabi, Full-time


I’ve created prototypes for new concept designs, including CNC, SLA, and SLS prototype parts. Including different research market groups by demographic interests such as region, age, income level, and hobbies.

I collaborated closely with developers, copywriters, and UX designers and develop a formal proposal and initial design layout based on those requirements. Also, exploring new design patterns and practices, and enhancing the methodological toolkit to improve the website and app customer experience. Optimizing digital experiences through the use of UX best practices, trends, conversion metrics, testing and design patterns and the delivery of digital assets.

Worked collaboratively with Engineering and Product Management to elevate and evolve the customer experience and deliver practical, usable, and delightful experiences to guests. Communicate status to digital leadership and business stakeholders.

Lead User Interface Designer

2019 - 2020

London, UK

My role was to bring the unique and enchanting experiences of our properties to life on our digital platforms. I worked closely with our marketing and development teams to create visually stunning and user-friendly websites that would inspire our guests to explore our collection of independently spirited hotels around the world.

My team and I were tasked with creating an online experience that would capture the essence of each hotel, while also showcasing their distinct character and charm. We carefully curated stunning imagery, captivating copy, and intuitive navigation to create an immersive digital journey for our guests. Our goal was to not only provide a platform for booking stays, but also to inspire travel and spark wanderlust.

Working with Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) was truly a unique and rewarding experience. Our collection of hotels was unlike any other, and our digital platforms reflected that. As the Lead UI Designer, I was able to blend my passion for travel with my love of design, creating a digital experience that was as unforgettable as the stays our guests enjoyed in our properties.

UX/UI Designer

2017 - 2017

Sodexo, Full-time

Bogotá, CO

I was responsible for creating engaging and intuitive user experiences for our facility management user journeys, my role was critical in ensuring that our customers have a positive and seamless experience with our digital products, while also contributing to the growth and success of the company. My job was to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for a wide range of products and services offered by the company.

Overall, working as a UX/UI Designer at Sodexo was a challenging and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, collaborating with various teams and stakeholders to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhanced the overall customer experience. It was fulfilling to see how my work directly impacted the success of the company and helped to improve the lives of millions of customers worldwide.

UX/UI Designer

2012 - 2017, Full-time

Silicon Valley, SFO

I was part of an incredible team that built an online education product with groundbreaking success. Our product generated a whopping $1 million in sales within its first year, experienced a weekly growth of 20%, and managed to raise $600K in capital - all while operating fully remote and decentralized.

My role in this team was to lead the UX/UI department, responsible for acquisition, new user activation, engagement, and retention. Through A/B testing, user testing, and funnel optimization, I developed an acquisition strategy that saw our monthly recurring revenue jump from $10K to over $40K in just 15 months.

Coordinating the development of over 10,000 video classes, hundreds of resources and tests, and 400+ courses for more than 300K students was no easy feat. But, with my team of dedicated designers, developers, and content builders, we managed to make it happen. All while staying within our allocated budget of $1.6MM, which I managed.


LaSalle Collège, Montréal

2010 - 2012

LaSalle College International is a renowned institution that has been providing professional training and academic programs since 1959. With its prime location in Montreal's downtown district, it has become the largest bilingual college in North America, offering over 60 programs across 5 specialized schools. One of these schools is the Fashion, Arts and Design school, where M. Sierra has successfully completed the 1350 hours of the Computer Graphics, Animation and Multimedia program.

This program is a perfect blend of creativity and technology, providing students with the skills and knowledge required to design and develop multimedia content for various platforms. Throughout the program, M. Sierra was able to learn about the principles of computer graphics, animation, and multimedia, as well as the latest technologies used in the field.


Morcio's journey as a product designer began at an early age. Growing up during the rise of the internet, he quickly developed a passion for technology and design. As he became more interested in the field, he started experimenting with different design tools and software, creating mockups and prototypes of websites and apps. After completing his education in design, Morcio began working at a small startup. He quickly proved himself to be an invaluable asset to the team, using his creativity and user-driven approach to help the company create innovative products that exceeded customer expectations. His success led to more opportunities, and he soon found himself working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Throughout his career, Morcio has remained dedicated to his minimalist, human-centered design philosophy. He firmly believes that the best products are those that are designed with the user's behaviours and preferences in mind. This philosophy has helped him create products that not only look great but are also highly functional and easy to use.

One of Morcio's most significant achievements was in 2017 when he helped develop an educational app. Using his user-driven approach, he redesigned the app's dashboard, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The results were immediate, and the app's user base grew from $10K to over $40K in just 15 months. The sales channel was over-flooded with signups, and the app became a big hit.

In 2019, Morcio worked on a campaign with a local pop band that became a huge success. Using his skills in marketing and design, he created a unique campaign that resulted in over 13 million plays on Spotify with no paid ads. The campaign was widely praised, and Morcio became known for his ability to create emotional experiences that resonated with audiences and in 2022, Morcio joined Habi, a unicorn in Prop-tech. As the lead product designer, he was tasked with improving the company's website and increasing sales. Using his skills in data analysis and design, Morcio created a new funnel flow that improved web performance and increased sales. The results were impressive, and Habi quickly became one of the leading companies in the industry.

Today, Morcio continues to work with a variety of clients, helping them bring their visions to life. His dedication to minimalist human-centered design and his ability to create emotional experiences have made him one of the most sought-after product designers in the industry. With his extensive knowledge of design tools and software and his ability to take ideas from concept to prototype, Morcio is sure to continue creating innovative products for years to come.


Nisha Stickles, VMLY&R

Senior Project Manager

Morcio has a talent for designing interfaces that not only look great, but are also user-friendly. He's able to serve variety of looks and feels in short timelines. Throughout our projects, Morcio demonstrated a strong work ethic to ensure that deadlines were met, after extensive client feedback. Working with Morcio is a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

Claudia G Aparicio Gamundi, Dell

Art Director

Morcio is a talented, top notch Visual Designer with exceptional energy and expertise. He possess a unique combination of technical proficiency and an eye for design, consistently delivering exceptional, innovative and impactful results. His passion and dedication to his craft are unmatched, making Morcio a valuable asset to any team in need of a talented and driven Visual Designer.

Pompidou Nsangou, Citi

Product Designer

Have one conversation with Morcio and you’ll know why he’s a designer you’d want on your team. Morcio has excellent design skills, but to me, that’s not his superpower. The positive attitude and energy he brings to the team, or his work, is unmatched. I’m always excited to know I’ll be working with him on a project. He has great attention to detail. He’s a system-based designer and designs with intention. He’ll jump to teach others good design practices whenever possible in an effort to get everyone on the same page. Give Morcio a task and he’ll more than likely go above and beyond. When something needs to get done, he’s your guy. When it comes to visual design, his style is clean and consistent. Even a hand-off file that many designers overlook, he pours time into making it as informative as possible for developers. Morcio would bring value to your team without question. If you don’t believe me, ask him.

Anthony Laurain, Subvrsive

Vice President of Engineering

Morcio not only came to the table with a positive attitude, and a ton of incredible design ideas. He was one of the easiest people to get along with I've ever worked with. I found myself excited to have chats with him, whether that was around design principles, helping him understand tech, or just talking about our mutual love of rock music.

Juan Sandoval, Mercado Libre

Technical Lead Mobile

I met Morcio's work directly in the area of interface design and mobile user experience. Definitely, perfection and self-demanding in his deliverables are his hallmark. He works with the highest standards of quality and vanguard when it comes to design. I hope that someday we can collaborate again in another technological project.

Juan David Rodriguez, Front Finance

VP, Growth & Analytics

Morcio was part of the product marketing team developing tools to enhance the experience of our users and help them make better financial decisions. He was extremely responsive, always proposing out-of-the-box solutions, and eager to see the team thrive. He came up with creative design solutions for complex problems so I fully recommend him for product design and product marketing.

Yeimmy Cañon, Habi

Technical Lead

Morcio is a really brilliant guy, he know how to translate requirements to amazing designs, he is working with best practices, and he likes to learn new thinks all time

Hugo Valle, Amazon

GPS Process Improvement Manager

Morcio is a relentless and very creative professional. His out of the box thinking drives his delivery to another level. Definitely a great person to work with as he is very meticulous and doesn't leave the people side of things aside.

Francisco Rodríguez,

Chief Operating Officer

Working with Morcio was a pleasure; He is a committed professional, always eager to learn and effortlessly to work with him. He contributed significantly to our success, bringing team leadership and a keen sense of design to the project. In addition, he is kind, funny, and professional, always willing to give the extra mile; an A-player without a doubt; I am looking forward to working together again.

Juan Manuel Gilede, EPAM Systems

Lead Software Engineer

Morcio is a highly committed person with great creativity and excellent knowledge on his field. Capable of structuring a team, delegate and be a mentor. He is also one of the best coworkers I have ever had!

Daniel Jimenez, Yale University School of Medicine

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

His ability to abstract two divergent worlds (tech and creativity) in a single language are redeeming reasons to say that this is the profile that will set the agenda of the 21st century. Not only do I recognize in him an incredible capacity for teamwork but also the edge between genius ideas.

Emmanuel Alvarez, Rappi

Senior DevOps Architect

Morcio is not only a great professional, he is a great human being, he knows how to prioritize his activities, he is a fantastic team player, he does his job efficiently, he takes care of covering all the details, in my 12 years of career building companies and Teams around the world, he is one of the top I have gotten myself as a teammate.

Jorge Sandoval, Huge

Senior Frontend Developer

Morcio is a creative brain, it's an element you must to have in a team facing new and big challenges. He's efficient and his work is amazing!

Emilio Riveros, Sony Music

Senior Product Manager

Morcio is one of the most versatile and empathetic creative leaders. I have had the great opportunity to work with him in different entrepreneurial projects for various industries. His leadership capacity has led him to obtain exceptional results in the projects and challenges he sets out to accomplish.

Cristofher Jumbo, Openbank

Frontend Web Developer

Morcio Sierra is unquestionably an exceptional candidate for creative Manager. He has proven himself to have the perseverance and initiative. I would therefore highly recommend Morcio Sierra. He would be an extremely positive asset to your program. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.