Cēsar D'Achiardi (aka Morcio)

Taking on Projects for Q4-2024

In a nutshell: Product Designer with over 10 years of experience specializing in user-centred design.

Notable projects include redesigning Habi's funnel, a leading prop-tech unicorn with a 35.7% increase in user engagement, Fintech platforms and $1 million in sales within the first year for an educational platform.



Bridge — Financial Funnel Flow Interface & Design System Implementation

I worked closely with the Product team to create an intuitive interface, ensuring a streamlined and transparent process. I designed a user interface leveraging a proprietary algorithm to analyze data and find the best matches, helping businesses quickly evaluate and choose the right financial partners. Additionally, I played a key role in implementing design systems, creating a structured framework for software design documentation.

I successfully integrated Radix UI into the platform and created two comprehensive design systems in Figma that became central to the company’s design approach. I was also part of the team during Citi Bank’s successful acquisition, contributing to the design elements that facilitated the transition.


Product Designer


Web Design, Design System

Staff Agency


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Habi — Proptech Unicorn Startup Funnel Flow Integration

I collaborated closely with developers, copywriters, and UX designers from Colombia and Mexico to develop a formal proposal and initial design layout based on specific requirements. Additionally, I explored new design patterns and practices, enhancing the methodological toolkit to improve the website and app customer experience. By optimizing digital experiences through the use of UX best practices, trends, conversion metrics, testing, and design patterns, we delivered high-quality digital assets.

The redesign of Habi's funnel flow resulted in a remarkable 35.7% increase in user engagement.


Senior Product Designer


UI/UX Design, Web Development

Staff Agency


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  • "Working with this guys was a blast. He’s fun, exciting, and always delivers top-notch results. His background means he knows how to create digital experiences that really connect with people. Morcio's energy and enthusiasm made every project enjoyable and successful. He's definitely someone you want on your team! Craziest guy ever! I love it."

    Brayann Luiz

    Technical Lead @ Bridge

  • "Morcio not only came to the table with a positive attitude, and a ton of incredible design ideas. He was one of the easiest people to get along with I've ever worked with. I found myself excited to have chats with him, whether that was around design principles, helping him understand tech, or just talking about our mutual love of rock music."

    Anthony Laurain

    VP of Engineering @ Subvrisve

  • "Have one conversation with Morcio and you’ll know why he’s a designer you’d want on your team. Morcio has excellent design skills, but to me, that’s not his superpower. The positive attitude and energy he brings to the team, or his work, is unmatched. I’m always excited to know I’ll be working with him on a project. Morcio would bring value to your team without question. If you don’t believe me, ask him."

    Pompidou Nsangou

    Product Designer @ Citi

  • "Morcio has a talent for designing interfaces that not only look great, but are also user-friendly. He's able to serve variety of looks and feels in short timelines. Throughout our projects, Morcio demonstrated a strong work ethic to ensure that deadlines were met, after extensive client feedback. Working with Morcio is a collaborative and enjoyable experience."

    Nisha Stickles

    Sr Project Manager @ VMLY&R

  • "Morcio was part of the product marketing team developing tools to enhance the experience of our users and help them make better financial decisions. He was extremely responsive, always proposing out-of-the-box solutions, and eager to see the team thrive. He came up with creative design solutions for complex problems so I fully recommend him for product design and product marketing."

    Juan David Rodriguez

    VP Growth @ Mesh

  • "Morcio is a really brilliant guy, he know how to translate requirements to amazing designs, he is working with best practices, and he likes to learn new thinks all time"

    Yeimmy Cañon

    Technical Lead @ Habi


I’m Cēsar D'Achiardi (aka Morcio) – an experienced Product Designer from Bogota. I help businesses build and enhance their products.

As a seasoned Product Designer, Creative Director, and Filmmaker with over a decade of experience, I bring a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and technical proficiency to every project. My rich background in entertainment and technology has honed my ability to craft captivating digital experiences that resonate with audiences.

From designing sleek interfaces to creating cinematic masterpieces, my talents extend beyond the digital realm. I am also a passionate F1 enthusiast, a devoted Liverpool FC supporter, and a guitar lover. Drawing inspiration from the world around me, I am always eager to explore new ideas and opportunities.

In a world where mediocrity rules, I believe that life's too short for boring interfaces and uninspired storytelling. Join me on my journey to design the future, one pixel at a time.


Skills I have found useful, along with the software tools I have mastered. From using Figma to building and leading teams, each skill contributes to the mosaic of my professional expertise.

Design Leadership

Building Teams

Agile Methodology


Product Design

Design Thinking

Design System

Software Design Documentation (SDD)